Star Lab Plasma Cutting Table 5' x 10' - CNC

ArcLight Custom welding has recently accuired a Star Lab 5' x 10' - CNC Plasma Cutting Table.

  • Ultra fast Linux operating system or Windows OS system options
  • Travels 61.5" x 121.5"
  • Clearance from table to gantry approx. 8.00"
  • Choose cutting speed up to 1500 ipm (Inch Per Miniute)
  • Rapid travel 560ipm, 750 ipm, 1100 ipm or 2000 ipm
  • Dual drive
  • Precision reduction units
  • Magnetic breakaway
  • Auto home/Auto square switches
  • Precision hardened and ground rail
  • With wipers (protectors)
  • Frame Powder coated OSHA safety blue
  • Precision and Fast Z axis ball screw drive

Plasma Cutting Table Basics

Plasma cutting tables are a form of thermal cutting. They literally vaporize metals into a powder form and remove them using a high stream of air or gasses from the cut zone. They are a natural progression from flame cutters (also called oxy/fuel) and a precursor to a waterjet or laser for production cutting. They are affordable to buy and inexpensive to run, producing quality fabricated parts that require little cleanup or post processing in order to go right into the next fabrication phase of welding or bending.

A plasma cutting table is typically a flat bedded surface comprised of steel slats spaced approximately 2-4” apart. These steel slats not only support the material being cut but also absorb the heat of the thermal cutting process. The plasma torch is suspended directly above and rides on a “bridge” over the material moving in conjunction with programs sent via the CNC control. The plasma torch and power supply are what provides the cutting capacity and cutting quality in Steel, Stainless Steels and Aluminum (the 3 main materials that can be processed).

A few advantages of using a Plasma Cutting Table:

Versatility: Plasma cutting tables can be used on different types of metal depending on the project. With a plasma cutter, you can cut all various kinds of metal in a wide range of thicknesses, such as stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel as thick as 2.5″. They operate with extreme efficiency and, in many cases, are able to cut up to 200 inches per minute.

Ease of Use: No complex knowledge or adjustments are necessary to operate a CNC plasma cutting tables. Advances in technology have meant that faster cutting and higher productivity are now available.

Precision and Speed: Precision cutting is one of the significant advantages of a plasma table, particularly when it comes to consistently cutting different shapes, sizes, or angles with sheet metal. Plasma tables come with automatic height detection so they can deliver accurate, high quality cuts with no variations that meet even the strictest tolerances regardless of material. Plasma tables are five times faster than traditional, standard torches, and are able to cut up to 200 inches/minute.

Cost Effective: Stop unnecessary material waste and get the most out of your material sheets with a plasma table. You can easily setup your projects into effective grids so that the plasma table can precisely use the smallest amount of material as possible thereby reducing waste and getting more money our of each sheet of material. Additionally, because your cutting process is more efficient and effective, you reduce the need for excessive shop labor which can also save your business money in the long run.

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